10 Ultimate Must-Have RV Accessories for New RVers

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Buying your first RV is darn exciting! It’s easy to get caught up on all the bling and glamour and forget about some of the RV Accessories that are important to operating your RV safely and conveniently! As a beginner, having the essential items can make all the difference on your trip.  That’s why I started my list with the Surge Guard which prevents serious electrical problems that could destroy your electric components in your RV.

We have every one of these RV accessories I’ve listed below – either the actual ones or similar and consider them important.  I hope you do too!

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I consider the surge guard one of the most important items you need to protect your RV.  Why, you ask?

  • The most important to me is the fact that if you don’t have one and there’s a power problem it could destroy your electrical components in your RV which will be very expensive to repair – much more than the cost of the surge guard.
  • The Surge Guard 30A provides total electrical protection from faulty park power and electrical issues inside the RV.
  • If the RV Park has electrical issues the surge guard notifies you right away when you test it prior to plugging in your RV.
  • Continuously monitors and displays the voltage and amps
  • Automatic reset after a power outage
  • It provides protection against power surges, open ground, Low ( 132V) voltage, overheating plug/receptacle, reverse polarity, miswired pedestal, and elevated ground.
  • Has an anti-theft lock ring on the cord.

Click here to view the Camco RV Sewer Hose Kit

There’s no avoiding having to drain your gray and black water tanks so having the right equipment makes all the difference. 

  • Camco’s Deluxe 20-foot RV Sewer Hose Kit with hose and swivel fittings is a ready-to-use kit with two 10-foot hose assemblies
  • The hoses are made of super heavy duty 18mil HTS vinyl.
  • Included is a clear elbow with an easily detachable 4-in-1 adapter.
  • The fittings swivel 360 degrees for easy connecting.
  • The hose and fittings compress for storage.
  • BONUS :includes a bonus clear extender so you can see when your tank is empty, plus 2 bayonet and 2 lug end caps for storage.

Not only will the hose support keep your hose off the ground it protects it from punctures of rocks, etc. Here’s some of the specs.

  • Easily positions around obstacles and stays in plac
  • Sturdy, lightweight plastic that won’t creep closed
  • Deep cradles hold the sewer hose in place without having to use straps
  • Convenient carrying handle keeps Sidewinder closed for easy storage.

Please don’t use a regular garden hose! You want a safe, proper drinking water hose – listed below are the specs of the one we recommend.

  • Made with NSF certified hose; drinking water safe
  • Reinforced for maximum kink resistance
  • 25′ L x 1/2″ID
  • Hose is made of PVC and is BPA free
  • CSA low lead content certified and complies with California’s AB1953 and Vermont Act 193 Low Lead Laws
  • Made with NSF certified hose
  • Reinforced for maximum kink resistance

I am very sensitive to odours, tastes and sediment in our drinking water and absolutely insist we have to have a water filter.  Here’s what you can expect from a good filtration system.

  • Safe Water Matters: GAC (Granular Activated Carbon) filtration greatly reduces bad taste, odor, chlorine, and sediment;Large Capacity Filtration: Each large capacity in line water filter lasts an average of 3 months for a total of 12 months filtration
  • 20-Micron Sediment Filter: Removes particles greater than 20 microns
  • Protects Against Bacteria: Premium KDF provides protection against bacteria growth while filter is stored or not in use.

Every campsite / RV Park’s water pressure is different and if the pressure is too high it can do a lot of damage to your system.  That alone is a very good reason to always use a water pressure regulator. Listed below are excellent features to look out for.

  • SAFE USE: This regulator was modified to contain lowest amount of lead of any regulator on the market. Each batch of regulators is tested to contain less than 0.13% lead, well under the NSF lead-free requirements of 0.25%COMPATIBLE: Has a 3/4″ NH thread (hose thread), compatible with all Canada water sources; The thick tread design gives it a good seal to prevent water from leaking.
  • WATER PRESSURE GAUGE: The build-in oil damps sudden pressure changes to damage the gauge.
  • PROTECTION: Adjustable Water pressure regulator up to 160 PSI. This adjustable water pressure regulator is used to control the pressure of water at camp sites.One year limited quality warranty. PeakTow is a Canadian company.

Check out the Prime Wheel Chocks here!

Seriously!  Keep your RV or vehicle in place – prevent them from rolling away.  Wheel chocks will do the trick. These particular ones are good for most tire sizes and reasonably priced.

  • Durable Materials:Hard Plastic, Lightweight and UV inhibitors
  • Widely Used:For use with tires up to 26″ in Diameter
  • Non-Slip Base:Extra EVA base, keeps your tire always in place, non slippery
  • User Friendly:Easy to Set Up, Finger Friendly. Smooth Cut Edge won’t hurt your finger during daily use. Bright yellow color makes it easy to spot.
  • Lightweight and Simple Structure:Without Rope, Simple Structure for easy carry, no need to use rope

Unexpected things happen! It’s much easier to cope if you have a proper RV tool kit and this kit is recommended the most. Whether it’s a mechanical, electrical, or other issue that needs to be addressed, the best tool kit for RVs will make the job much easier

  • 12V MAX* Lithium Ion drill 35% more compact than previous GCO1200C NiCad drill/driver
  • Drill/Driver features mid handle design for comfort and control and an LED light to illuminate work surfaces
  • Includes carrying bag for easy portability and storage in your RV.

There’s no need to get too fancy – this is a great stove and the accessories work well.  

This is a classic 2 burner stove that sits on a table top – easy to use and a decent price.

We have this Barbecue and love it! Ours has a bag to carry it in – keeping any grease, etc. (in case we didn’t clean it enough) from getting in our RV

  • FEED A CROWD: The TravelQ has a single stainless steel circular tube burner, 10,500 BTU’s, and 225 square inches of total grilling area capable of grilling up to 14 hamburgers at once
  • CAST IRON COOKING GRATES: Napoleon’s iconic cast iron cooking grids provide even heat, prevent food from falling through, and create beautifully distinctive sear marks
  • GREAT FOR ADVENTURES: Perfect for camping, tailgating, parties, and small outdoor living spaces
  • WIND-PROOF DESIGN: Whether you are travelling, tailgating, or barbecueing in the backyard, the windproof design prevents the weather from hindering the preparation of your next meal
  • FOLDING LEGS: Set up or store the TravelQ in seconds thanks to the folding legs
  • BATTERY FREE: Piezo ignition provides easy start up each time without the need of batteries
  • ERGONOMIC DESIGN: Easy on the wrists, the ergonomic handle makes taking this portable grill with you effortless
  • COMPACT BBQ: The clamshell design makes it easy to pack into small spaces for travel and transport.

Choose your RV Accessories with Care

I know what it’s like to be super excited about purchasing your new RV and sometimes we might get carried away loading up our RV with everything we “might” need. Unfortunately most of us are guilty of overloading our rigs at times.

The purpose of this post is to show those who have purchased a new RV or someone who has never RVed before what RV accessories are really important.

Do you have suggestions or additions to the list above? Please share in the comment section and share on your social media accounts.


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