12 Easy RV Storage Solutions to Make Your Life Better

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Whenever I’m in an camping store or on Amazon I’m constantly looking for RV storage solutions to solve the problem I have with unorganized cupboards, closets with too much stuff and an overall sense of clutter.  

I know – the first thing I’ll be told is to get rid of more stuff. I agree, but that doesn’t help when I have things I need in my RV and I can’t seem to find anything because I’ve stuffed everything into nooks and crannies all over the trailer.  

That’s why I am always in search of good – I want to repeat this – good storage solutions for our RV.

The following are some of the best solutions I’ve or fellow RVers have found to make their lives easier.  I went through the reviews as well to ensure others are just as satisfied as we are.

They are affiliate links but don’t cost you anymore – by purchasing through my link I make a few cents to help pay for my blog expenses. (Thank you.)

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RV Storage Solutions for Your Kitchen

Refrigerator Storage:  I have to admit I don’t like our fridge in the RV. Unfortunately it’s brand new so will be using it for many years to come.  However, to make it work better and be better organized I found these Refrigerator storage bins which are really popular with other RVers I know.

They can also be used in your pantry or other cupboards. They come in different sizes and in packs of 6, 8, 10, or 16.  I love the fact that they’re clear plastic, quite sturdy, stackable and have built in handles for easy handling. 

Under Sink Organizer:  The cupboard under the sink can be a mess if we’re not careful – things falling over and spilling everywhere. These  pull out organizers solve the problem!  The little hanging cups and clips make them perfect for those little items that get lost and never to be found. 

Large Adhesive Hooks: So easy to use!  They are perfect for RVs because as most of us know we shouldn’t be screwing anything into our think walls and these hooks make it easier for us to hang things up to 22 lbs. You can hang towels, pictures, clothing, or anything else you need them fore. 

Pantry Vegetable Can Organizer:   What I like about this is it’s stackable and can be adjusted for different size cans.  It has good reviews and is quite popular.

Two Tiered Portable fruit basket:  I love these! Their great for the counter – saving space but can also be taken outside to the picnic table.  Load them up with anything – bread, snacks, fruit, paper plates, napkins. I think you get the picture.

Kitchen Cupboard RV Storage:  These expandable units are perfect for plates, lids and other bakeware. Easily adaptable for many size cupboards.

RV Bedroom Storage

Pants Hanger Space SaverI love these. Our RV closet is cramped and a nightmare for my husbands pants. These are the best things ever.

Hanging Closet Organizer:  Hang this in your RV Closet as a 6 tier shelf or separate it into 2 – 3 shelf units.  Store anything in them and with the drawers items will stay in place when traveling.  

Storage Bins for Under the Bed:  Collapsable, light weight organizer bins. Perfect for under the bed in your RV. Mold Proof which is great for humid climates (winter in Canada)

Over the Door Hanging Organizer:  Our bathroom door is a pocket door so this doesn’t work but I like the mesh portions, large capacity and would be perfect for hair dryers, curling irons, face cloths, etc.

Underbed Storage Containers: These storage bags have reinforced handles, large capacity and are breathable non-woven fabric. Great for Blankets, pillows or seasonal clothing.

RV Storage Solutions for Under the RV

Storage Totes:  6 industrial totes which are perfect for under your RV in the storage compartment. Keeps things safe and organized.

Conclusion: RV Storage Solutions That Work

I sincerely hope you find these storage suggestions helpful and that they make your life a bit easier. Having good storage makes it easier to find things plus keeps your personal belongings safer and less chance of breakage or loss.  

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