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A Handy Guide to Find the Best RV Clubs for Solo RVers in Canada

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Traveling alone can be daunting! I know not everyone finds it that way but for some solo RVers they appreciate having the support and company of other RVers . It’s not always easy to find other solo RVers with similar interests and that’s where RV Clubs come in to play.

Just a few of the benefits of joining an RV Club are meeting new people, getting access to exclusive discounts, and collecting tips from other more experienced solo RVers.

I have to say I’m a bit disappointed that some of the RV Clubs who were active in the past seems to have faded into the woodwork. But, I am pleased to see many online groups through Facebook and other social media platforms.

So how do you start?

Do your research - look at different RV Clubs

Finding the right RV Club for you will take time and research, so start your search early.  I suggest that you start by making a list of potential clubs, (see the list below to start you off), looking for ones that focus on solo RVing in Canada. 

Read up on each one, taking note of their membership fees, amenities, discounts and other benefits you can take advantage of.

Note:  Read the third-party reviews before joining so you know what others have experienced when they belonged to the same club.

Consider the RV Clubs Features and Benefits

As well as researching each club, don’t forget to think about what features and benefits are important to you. For example, do you want discounts on camping, or fuel prices? Other perks may include access to RV repair shops, free newsletters, priority parking at RV resorts, or monthly meet-ups. Different RV Clubs offer different benefits so make sure you find a club that meets your needs and suits your budget.

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Look for RV Club Reviews

Another way to research RV Clubs is to look online for reviews of current and previous members. Use customer review websites and search engines like Google or Yahoo to find out what people are saying about various clubs. You can also join online forums and social media groups related to the topic of RVing, as they often include experienced RVers who may be able to give you valuable advice about the best club for solo RVers in Canada.

Join an Online Forum or Group

There’s many support networks available for connecting with like-minded people and learn about different RV Clubs. Search for online forums, Facebook groups, or other virtual communities. Read the comments, stories and advice from other members. Be sure to join a few so you can get a different perspective and information from each.  Some are better than others. You’ll probably be able to identify a few RV Clubs for solo RVers that fit your needs perfectly!

Interested in learning more about RVing in Canada? Read here.

Ask Around and Network with other Solo RVers

Asking around and networking with other RVers is the best way to get honest advice about the various RV Clubs in Canada. Reach out via email or social media, or try searching for “RV Clubs” in your area. Another great way for connecting with others who have similar interests is by attending RV Shows and rallies. 

RV Clubs Canada

Explorer RV Club:

Specifically for Canadians, the Explorer RV Club is for all RVers! It doesn’t matter whether you’re camping in a tent or a Class A motorhome this club will welcome you. 

Benefits to joining Explorer RV Club:

  • Discount programs offering members discounts on everything from health and wellness, campground discounts, insurance, RV repairs, emergency roadside assistance, and even eyeglasses.
  • Chapters in Newfoundland / Labrador, Central Ontario, Southeastern Ontario and Southwestern Ontario.
  • RV Rentals – Outdoorsy
  • RV Events – RV shows, Rallies
  • No specific solo RVers groups but still a great RV Club that targets Canadians.
  • One and two year memberships available 
  • Roadside Assistance Service available

U.S. RV Clubs with Canadian Chapters


RVing Women is the only international support network solely for woman RVers. Founded in 1991, they have more than 2000 members. Some travel alone, and others go together or in small groups. The interests of the group are diverse, but theyshare the common cultural experience of being female. 

Benefits of joining RVingWomen:

  • Friendships & Networking
  • RVing information
  • Membership directory
  • Park ’n Stay – Many members offer overnight space and hospitality for women on the road.
  • Discounted Services
  • Individual and Household Memberships available 1-2-3 year membership
  • Yearly Convention – rallies and events
  • Very active group

NOTE:  Their website seems to be down – sorry 

Wandering Individuals Network – WIN RV Singles Travel Club

They Are Adventurous, Single RVers Traveling the USA, Canada, and Mexico. 

They have an average of 80 caravans, circuits, and gatherings each year. They do a multitude of activities during their travels, such as kayaking, hiking, biking, sightseeing, zip lining, boat tours, museums, plays, factory tours, and more. Many love history, and go see where history actually happened. Whatever you want to do in traveling, most likely they’re already doing it.

To Join You Must Be:
★ legally Single adult
★ Responsible, Respectful, and Respectable
★ Able to be in a group where some are paired
★ You do not have to own any type of RV to be a member
★ When you travel with the WINs, it must be in a vehicle in which you can eat, sleep, cook, bathe and go to the toilet, even if all facilities are portable

Rainbow RV Club:

North America’s largest Gay and Lesbian RV Club. In existence since 1997, Rainbowrv has attracted over 7,000 members and completed more than 1,000 camping events.

Their members are LGBT couples and singles with tow or drive recreational vehicles, off road jeep and tent backpack equipment. Their events are a great place to meet with friends from the LGBT community with a common interest in RV ORV and tent camping. 

Membership application and Yearly membership fee of $39.95 are processed online. Member only protected area within the website hold calendars and other event detail information and social follow up. Many Camping and RV vendors provide special discounts and special offers to holders of valid Rainbow RV membership cards.

Escapees Solo BOF:

We are members of Escapees and have been since 1996!  Our number is #38554 and if you decide to join please let them know I referred you.  I don’t belong to the SOLO group but this is a great RV Club. Both Canadian and American members are super involved in this club and there is so much here to gain I can’t list it all. It’s definitely a network for sharing and learning and there are “Birds of a Feather” groups for almost every topic you can think of.

SOLOS is a certified BOF of the Escapees RV Club whose purpose is to share information and camaraderie among Escapees who travel as singles. Memberships are $10 per year and include the newsletter, annual membership directory and one SOLOS BOF decal. 

Online RV Clubs for SOLO RVers

RVillage: (Update March 2023 – this site is closing end of March)

This group is very active online, asking questions, sharing information and a great way to connect with other SOLO RVers as well as other RVers with similar interests.  It’s FREE to join.


  • Rallies – Get togethers
  • Groups- with a variety of interests and topics
  • Discounts from a variety of businesses and campgrounds

Facebook Groups

I belong to quite a few Facebook Groups and find them to be extremely helpful and if you visit a few you’ll find ones that suit you better than others.  My Facebook Page is listed here.

RV Singles:

An RV club for singles with a variety of circuits around the U.S., Canada, and Mexico. I’m not sure how active this group is but have added it for you to research.

RVing in Canada:

Please note: I belong to this group but it’s not mine.  They started it before my blog went live.  This is a really good group to join – very active and helpful.

Groups mostly are private so you will need to answer questions to get accepted.  Just answer the questions appropriately and wait for acceptance. This helps keep the groups safe.

SOLO Women Campers

Travelin’ Solo and RV Camping

Van Life with Senior Women 

50+ Single RVers Connection

Rather than listing them all separately I suggest that you do a search on Facebook using topics such as “SOLO RVing” or the topic you are looking for. They will be there! I guarantee it.

Other Recommendations


Harvest Hosts:

Harvest Hosts is a network of wineries, breweries & distilleries, farms, attractions, private properties, and golf courses that invite RVers to stay overnight.

The yearly membership gives members unlimited access to stay at any one of the Host‘s unique locations.

Boondockers Welcome

Free overnight parking on Private Property.

If you are traveling alone and needing a safe place to park overnight then Boondockers Welcome is what you need.  This is the perfect way to travel across the country, make new friends and get the safety solo RVers are sometimes looking for.

#Boondockers Welcome

Do you have a favourite RV Club? Please share the link in the comments – very much appreciated.  

Do you think joining an RV Club for a SOLO RVer is a good idea?  Please comment below and share on your Social Media Accounts.

Thank you!


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