How an “Outpost Nurse” started full time RVing

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From living in an old log house in a rural and very remote part of the Yukon to  full time RVing was a life changing experience for Lynne.

It took a lot of research, learning what her options were in regards to her finances, finding and purchasing an RV and selling her home. There was also another challenge – she had never RVed!

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I would like to introduce Lynne, an “Outpost Nurse” – a very interesting and determined woman who lived and worked in parts of Canada that most Canadians will never visit. 

It was time to quit a stressful job

Her job as a Primary Health Care Nurse took its toll and staying another two years was not an option. 

Lacking the capacity to continue in a very stressful job she chose to take early retirement 4 months before her 60th birthday in 2016.

Twiddling her thumbs in the dark held no appeal

If she chose to continue living in the remote area of the Yukon she would encounter high living expenses. There was a high cost to heating with oil and and she would spend many months sitting in the dark ‘twiddling her thumbs’ in such a location. She decided this was not an option.

Researching retirement options

Knowing she did not want to stay in the Yukon she started researching and quickly knew that buying a used RV, and traveling as a full time RVer seemed like the ideal choice. 

Lynne’s research included many weeks of online learning and studying about the full time RV Lifestyle and what to look for in rigs. 

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Buying a used RV became interesting

Finding her ideal rig meant studying ads on Auto Trader, Kijji and talking to sellers over the phone. With the help of friends who willingly checked out RVs in other parts of the country Lynne found the perfect unit on Kijji in Red Deer, Alberta. 

Purchasing from a retired RV technician proved to be helpful because he had already addressed any issues  her unit had and made sure it was in very good condition. 

Her new “home” was a 1991 28′ Class C ‘Oakland’ model by Leisure Coachworks in Vernon, BC. With only 104,000 kms on it and its quality construction she couldn’t be happier or feel more blessed to get such an RV. 

Buying a used RV can either be a good thing or depending on the seller – a bad experience. Lynne was fortunate to have found a great seller who also spent the time to give her an amazing orientation.  

Taking 5 years to sell her house didn't stop her

It took Lynne five years to sell her house but that didn’t stop her from spending her first winter as a snowbird and practice living in the RV until it sold.

With the help of very kind neighbours who kept an eye on her house and having a couple of renters part of the time, she made it work.  Each summer she would return to the Yukon to check on things and take care of her house.

2019 became the year for full time RVing

Lynne says that she truly became a full time RVer when she didn’t return for the summer of 2019. She landed an unpaid position as a campground host in an unserviced campground within the Alberta Parks system in exchange for a site. She was on her way of truly being a full time RVer!

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Many people dream of full time RVing and make it happen while others only talk about it and they stay rooted. Full time RVing isn’t for everyone but when it’s important and something you want to do, it’s possible with proper planning, research and determination. Do you want to become a full time RVer? What’s stopping you?

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