How to Find Campground Jobs in Canada

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If you’re thinking of finding campground jobs for next summer it’s probably time to start your search. From what I can see most campgrounds or Park operators use one of the online employment search tools such as Indeed or CoolJobsCA. There’s more and I’ll list them below with links for you to follow.There’s also a new site where employers are posting their open positions in each region of Canada.

They’ll be posting both paid and volunteer positions so please check it out and share the link with anyone you know searching for jobs or wanting to find workers. Thanks. Their email is I know their website is under maintenance so keep checking. 

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From what I can see on this site there are lots of open positions that include Campground Manager, campground attendant, Visitor Service Attendant, Park Supervisors, Maintenance workers, Cleaners and Caretaker positions. is mostly for positions in conservation in Canada. It’s worth looking at.

This appears to be an international site but there are listings for Canada. Put in campground in the search bar and open postings will come up


KOA has job opportunities in both Canada and the US. They’ve been around a long time and have part time, full time and seasonal work.

This is a Canadian resource. Just put campground or appropriate job and put Canada for the location.  I saw a few this morning when I looked.

This is the Canadian Government Job bank site and many employers post openings here. Once again, just plug in what you are looking for and hit search.

A Canadian job search website that is quite popular.

Looks interesting and I saw some positions in Alberta and Parks Canada so check it out. 

Canada’s First Ai Jobs & Career Platform – looks interesting and there are postings right across Canada

YuWIN The Yukon Work Information Network, managed by the Whitehorse Chamber of Commerce, is an online employment resource for employers and job seekers.

The  Job Board is the most comprehensive, up-to-date source of job opportunities in the Yukon. Employers of all kinds, including private businesses, First Nation and municipal governments, and community organizations, advertise their jobs free of charge.

AbilityCanada is and online interface jobsite aimed at increasing the employment rate of Canada’s disabled community.

It is designed to “inclusive” e-recruitment.

Many disabled workers are Able and Very Interested to work.

If you really want to save time plug in “Campground Jobs in Canada” on Google and most of the above job sources will show up.  

Conclusion: Job searching for Campground Jobs in Canada

More and more people (RVers) are working from their RVs running their own businesses or working for others but there are still many who love the opportunity of working in a campground or RV Park.

These resources listed above are a place to start but if you have an area you wish to be in contact the local parks and campgrounds directly to see if there are any open positions that fit.

Wishing you success in your job search. 


PS: If you know of another source we can share please forward them to 

If you know of any campgrounds or parks looking for employees please direct them to 

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