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As full time RVing gains in popularity whether it’s their retirement plan or just to live the RV lifestyle many RVers are looking for ways to earn an income. Some need a full time income while others are subsidizing their pensions.

Both groups are looking for – “How to make money tips for RVers”.   

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Really, the various job opportunities RVers have that allow them to work while traveling are endless. It takes a bit of creative thinking but compared to those seeking similar job opportunities 10 years ago the path is much more open now. 

To help you get started I’ve listed a few suggestions and ideas that can be explored if you’re interested.  

Remote Work to Make Money as an RVer

If your current job allows for remote work – you’re all set! All you need is an internet connection and whatever tools your job needs. More employers are becoming receptive to this since COVID and many have proved it works! 

If you don’t have that availability then it’s time to start looking around for other opportunities.  Searching online for job opportunities is probably one of the most popular way to find something suitable.  


I think the sky is the limit.  Just put your thinking cap on and you will come up with ways to freelance your way into making an income.  Many RVers work in fields like writing, graphic design, programming, or consulting. 

Campground Jobs / Workamping

Working as a camp host, maintenance person or in the office of campgrounds usually comes with a campsite and sometimes a salary.  Here’s a few extra tips on how to find campground jobs in Canada. 

Workamping is a terminology as well for working in campground and resorts in exchange for a campsite and a salary, depending on the work you’ll be doing.

Seasonal Jobs - a make money tip for RVers!

Wherever there’s agriculture, tourism, events or activities of all kinds there’s usually a need for seasonal workers.  

Some examples are fruit picking, ski resorts, tour companies or harvesting vegetables.  Camp Hosting and campground jobs in Canada can be seasonal or year round depending on if the park is open 12 months of the year.

Travel Blogging /Vlogging

If you enjoy writing and documenting your travels starting a travel blog or vlog may be the answer. You can potentially generate income through sponsorships, ads or affiliate marketing. If interested in exploring this further check out my blog post here.

Virtual Assistant

Working as a Virtual Assistant or VA is providing assistance virtually to businesses or individuals while on the road. Usually the VA is self employed and takes on contract jobs. Web design, administrative duties, mail forwarding, social media speciality, and any other type of work that businesses may need help with.

This is something else that is becoming more popular as people become more aware of the services VAs offer.

Crafts and Art Sales is fun to make money

If you’re artistically inclined, you could sell handmade crafts or art work at local markets, or even online. 


These are just a few of the "How to Make Money Tips for RVers"

The key is finding a job that aligns with your skills and interests, allowing you to balance work with the RV lifestyle.

You may need to get creative and reach out to others who already are living the RV Lifestyle while working for some ideas but I believe it’s entirely possible if it’s something that’s important to you.  

The thousands of other RVers currently working from their RVs prove that it can work.  

How do you make money as an RVer?  

Comment below if you have any suggestions or ideas for the rest of us. Having the ability to earn an income makes it possible for us to live the RV Lifestyle the way we dream of. Let’s share.

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