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Planning for your adventure into one of Canada’s National Parks can be exciting and maybe a bit overwhelming. Trying to figure out the reservation system and how to book a site that will be perfect for you and whoever you are traveling with can seem daunting. 

But sometimes doing that research can be part of the fun too! Let’s work together so you can make a reservation for National Parks Canada camping a reality!

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Familiarize Yourself with everything National Parks Canada offers

It’s more than just finding a campground – it’s finding the park, learning what amenities and activities it offers and what you need to do to prepare for your adventure.  You should probably read The Best Guide to National Parks Canada camping, which will help you find the best park suited to your needs and wants. Your research will show you which park offers trails, attractions, amenities and anything else you are looking for.

2023 Reservation System is new


They’re moving the reservation system to a new platform! The look and feel will be different, but the features and functions will be similar. As of March 3, you’ll need to create a new account, even if you’ve used the system before. A full tutorial will be shared here in the next few weeks.

Important dates

February 26
By this date, log in to your existing account and take note of sites you may have reserved in the past. After February 26, this data will no longer exist.
February 27 to March 2
The reservation system will not be available as they migrate to the new platform. While you wait, check specific launch dates for places where you want to reserve.
March 3 and onwards
Create your new account, and get acquainted with the new system in preparation for launch.
March 13
First reservations launch!

Things to Consider before making a Reservation

It’s important to consider things such as parking rules and regulations, activities that require reservations but can’t be booked ahead of time and even seasonal closures due to weather-related hazards or maintenance issues. Once you’ve picked which park you wish to visit, after checking out the amenities, activities and anything else important to you it’s time to make that reservation.

Reservations for National Parks Canada Camping Terminology

Operating Season:  Refers to the nights that the campground or hike is open for use. Sometimes campgrounds or hikes operate for longer than the period for which they accept reservations. Any dates of the “Operating Season” outside of the “Reservable Period” are the dates that it operates on a first come, first served basis only

Reservable Period: Refers to the nights for which you can make a reservation.

Operating Season: Refers to the days that the backcountry hike is available to begin this hike. This backcountry hike is open for longer than the period for which they accept reservations. Any dates of the “Operating Season” outside of the “Reservable Period” are the dates that the backcountry hike operates on a first come, first served basis only.

Operating Season and Reservable Period: Refers to the days that the guided hike is open for use.

Launch Day - Reservations for National Parks Canada Camping

Get ready! March 13, 2023 – Starting at 8:00 a.m. local park time (8:30 a.m. for parks in Newfoundland) you can make reservations.

That’s when the entire season will open for reservations. What I really like is you can book for multiple trips at the same time. 

Two ways to Reserve your Campsite

There’s two ways to book your campsite.

  1. Online:    External link: Reservation Service

If you click on the link above it will take you to a page where you choose your language of choice – English or French. Once you choose your language the page will look like this. 

The first section is for Reservation Type. I’m not going to describe each one but by now you probably know what type and where you plan on camping.  Choose the one related to you and take the next steps

Reservation Type:

The next section includes

Date Selection Help Button
Arrival Date:Date / calendar picker
OR Departure Date:Date / calendar picker
Search Preferences Help Button
Search Preferences:
Pet Friendly
More Options…

Three ways to find Campsites

Search for sites by using any of the 3 methods – look on a map of the campground, from a list or a calendar – showing what’s available on the dates you want.  

Find Sites:

On a Map

In a List

On a Calendar

Before you’ve gotten to the stage where you’re making reservations you should know which National Parks Canada Campground you want and the dates you want them for. It’s just a matter of filling in the blanks and confirming. Once your site is booked – go on to the next date and campground you wish to visit.

The second method of making reservations is by phone:

Be prepared before calling with the dates and location you want. It will make it easier for the reservation person on the other end of the phone.

Reservation Launch Dates for 2023

Not every National Parks Canada camping reservations are available at the same time. Each province and each Canadian National Park may have different launch dates. To find the launch date for your chosen park visit here.

Understand Park Fees, Rules and Regulations

Before you plan your trip or make a reservation at a National Parks Canada camping site, it’s important to know what the fees are as well as any rules or regulations they may have.
Know in advance if  you need to purchase a Park Pass, entry fees or backcountry camping fees, just to name a few items that may apply.
Different rules may apply to each park. I know it can be difficult but by researching ahead of time you shouldn’t run into difficulty. 

Research Campground Availability and Amenities

Some locations are very popular, and reservations fill up fast. You may have to choose another National Parks Canada camping location – the secret is to book in advance and be open to other options. 

What services do you need? Are flush toilets, children’s playground, hiking or biking trails, showers, boating, important to you? If so, make sure the park you’ve made a reservation has those amenities.

#Reservations for National Parks Canada Camping

In Conclusion:

Prepare early, secure necessary permits and make your reservations for National Parks Canada camping for this summer. Respect the wildlife, have fun and I sincerely hope you will enjoy camping in one of our breath-taking National Parks. 

If you find the above information helpful please share on your Social Media accounts or make a comment below if you have any suggestions. We would love to hear from you.


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