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Welcome to my website!

My name is CarolAnn and I’m so happy to have you visit my website. I look forward to connecting and sharing information relevant to RVing in Canada.

#RVing in Canada

I am Canadian!

Yes, I am a Canadian RVer who loves the  RV lifestyle. I’ve been a full time RVer, camper, and international traveller for many years. I’m always open to sharing what I’ve learned and experienced along the way. Please feel free to visit my other website https://writefortravel.com where I share travel stories and writing information. 

As Canadians, we sometimes struggle to find information on RVing in Canada.

Our questions and search for information relates to our personal needs that are impacted by our laws, customs, geography and much more.

Visitors to Canada sometimes also have questions and at times face difficulty finding satisfactory answers.

Due to a frustration in obtaining information I thought there are probably more Canadians and visitors looking for similar information. That’s the reason for this blog – so I can share what I learn with others and hopefully you will share with me as well.

Welcome to RVing in Canada

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