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But first - a little bit of history...

Not the history of RVing in Canada though some of you may find it interesting that….

But, I’m talking about the history of this website and how it came about. Canadian RVers face many challenges that their neighbours to the south don’t have. It seemed that when I started researching RVing in Canada I kept running into roadblocks – especially if I was looking for information on full-time RVing in Canada.  

When speaking with other Canadian RVers we all seemed to have some of the same questions – where’s the best place to camp; what insurance do you have on your RV; do you need a home-base if you’re full-timing; what’s the best water filter; how does solar power work; and the never-ending list continues.

This site will (hopefully) provide you with helpful RVing in Canada tips and suggestions, answer as many of your questions as we can and provide you with a resource for everything related to RVing in Canada.


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What type of RV should you buy?

Choosing to RV isn’t difficult – it looks so inviting and RVers of all ages seem to be having constant adventures.  We want to join them – but what type of RV do we need?  Check out our list of Top 10 Most Popular RVs for every Budget.

RV Rentals in Canada

Both Canadians and visitors to Canada are interested in renting an RV in Canada and it can be overwhelming at times.  Check out our Ultimate Guide to RV Rentals in Canada and What you need to know about renting an RV in Canada.


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Canadians face many challenges when they choose to RV full time in Canada.  Learn more here.


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RV Campground Search

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RV Essentials

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We consider this a necessity. A surge protector tells you if the circuit is safe  for hookup and will protect your unit if there’s a surge in electricity.  It basically prevents your electrical system from blowing up!

I don’t recommend going cheap on this – it’s important but a personal preference.

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Put together a set of basic tools you’ll need in an emergency.

Another necessity. It doesn’t have to be fancy – just has to work.

Water pressure regulator – regulates the water pressure to a set pressure so you don’t have a high pressure to blow up your pipes in your RV

We like to carry a small barbecue – because we do all or most of our cooking outdoors.  

Have a well stocked first aid kit in case of an emergency.

This goes with whatever outdoor furnishings you feel you need. This could include a small table, etc.

We consider this another necessity but do your research and find one that works for you and where you travel.


Resources we use

These are resources we use ourselves and can honestly recommend them. Read more here.

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