The 10 Most Popular Apps for Canadian Campers

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Having a handy resource at your finger tips makes traveling in Canada much easier – that’s why we recommend the following APPS for Canadian Campers listed below.

It sometimes gets frustrating or overwhelming when searching for things to see or do or places to stay in your RV. But, when you have the 10 most popular apps for Canadian campers and RVers your life gets so much easier! 

Why struggle unnecessarily planning your trip or next adventure? I’ve reached out to my RV friends and connections asking them what Apps they recommend and picked the most popular ones, listing them below.  

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10 Popular Apps - Canadian Campers

Everything you need to know about camping – you can find here. This site offers information for the beginner and even the experienced camper.

  • Information on camping basics
  • Find Parks Canada Campgrounds
  • How to reserve a site
  • How to start a campfire
  • And much more…

RV Life Trip Wizard - a favourite app for Canadian Campers

RV LIFE Trip Wizard

RV Life Trip Wizard:  With over 20,000 campgrounds in both Canada and the US this is one of the most popular trip planning apps. I like it because it’s a visual map and can be customized to our RV – giving us costs of trips and driving times. (yes, I am affiliated but believe this is an excellent app.)

RV LIFE Trip Wizard

iOverlander is a FREE website and app created to help overlanders on the road find their next destination. You can search by map or destination.

Read more here “Find FREE camping using iOverlander in Canada”

Except for viewing the map, all of these features will work offline.

Here’s link for iPhone

and Android Apps.

#ioverlander app

This one is new to me but my first time using it was great!  It’s FREE and looks good. I did a search for campgrounds and RV Parks in my area – plenty were listed. I can set up a trip, mark my favourite locations and also keep a journal. This could become one of my favourite Apps.

FREE app – you can plan your trip, find campsites and add campsites yourself.  

Basic membership is FREE and yes if you want more there is a cost.  If you are looking for information on hiking trails, biking, walking, dog friendly or even camping trails this is an excellent app.

It’s much easier to make plans for camping / RVing if you know what to expect weatherwise.  That’s why it’s important to get the Weather Network App.


WikiCamps Canada – Works offline – Includes a trip planner, camping checklist, satellite dish pointer, compass, and chat forum!


I know we never think we are going to get into an accident or fall ill but if it should happen – having the APP on your phone for the Canadian Red Cross is a definite positive!  



Gas Buddy

Use Gas Buddy to find the cheapest gas in your area.

Get the free GasBuddy fuel card and pay for gas, when you do you will save on every gallon, at every station. Pay with GasBuddy works at your favorite stations


#Gas Buddy App

I know – we’re all supposed to go offline and enjoy ourselves when we’re camping or RVing in Canada.  But – sometimes having the tools to make our adventure even better makes using technology worth while. That’s why I felt it beneficial to share these 10 Apps for Canadian campers and will add more as I find them and test them out.

Safe travels.

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