The Best Guide to Free Camping Using iOverlander in Canada

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So, if you’re looking for unique and affordable or free camping spots in Canada then you need this easy to follow guide on using iOverlander in Canada.  

With iOverlander you will be able to easily find the best places to camp and explore what Canada has to offer – without breaking the bank! Let’s get started.

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What is iOverlander?

Before we dig too deep it’s important to know what iOverlander actually is.

iOverlander is a FREE website and app used for discovering FREE camping spots all over the world. That’s great but we are more concerned whether we can find free camping using iOverlander in Canada.

Not only do campers use this app, but organizations, businesses and individuals can use it to find and share information about locations with great camping opportunities. 

With this awesome tool, you can easily locate campsites and learn about nearby amenities such as dump stations, grocery stores, restaurants and gas stations.

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Does iOverlander Work in Canada?

The simple answer – YES!  Yes, iOverlander works in Canada and is one of the most popular apps used for finding free campgrounds in Canada.

Is iOverlander FREE?

Yes, iOverlander is FREE! It’s available to use as a mobile app in both Android and iOS versions and as a website.  
Not only is it free but you can contribute to it. If you find that a place hasn’t been added to the database you can add your information to the App.

Does iOverlander Support Offline Maps?

As per their website – no iOverlander does NOT support offline maps.

In order to see the maps you must have an internet connection. Sometimes an Android device will cache part of the map, specifically the area you’ve viewed in the past. So that might work so you can see the map previously used when offline.

There are always options! 

iOverlander gives you options – one of which is Organic Maps (something I’m not familiar with), but it will allow you to see the place on a map without the internet.

The next option they recommend is by downloading GPX files, where you can download entire parts of their database as a GPX file. You will need a device that supports and stores GPX files, such as Garmin RV780;  Garmin RV890or Garmin Overlander. (Affiliate) Their date is updated every 2 months – if in Canada you will probably need to update your points on the website but if it’s important to you check with iOverlander 

Understanding Different Types of Camping

As most of us already know there’s all kinds of types of camping to choose from. They can range from backcountry camping – with minimal comforts and few supplies, to RV Parks, where you’ll probably find more amenities  but they won’t be free. Using iOverlander, you can search for both free camping spots and paid camping locations.

Finding Affordable Locations and Amenities

Once you’ve narrowed down your search through iOverlander, you can then refine your search based on what amenities you’re looking for as well as your budget.

On the main map page, you can use the filters in the sidebar to select specific amenities such as toilets, fire pits, showers and much more. You can also narrow down your results to either paid or free locations using the “Cost” filter.  By combining these options with other filters like ratings and locations, you’ll then be able what you’re looking for and hopefully within your budget or free.

Prepare for Your Trip with the iOverlander App

Get started with iOverlander before you leave home! Plan your trip by using the app, searching for and saving campsite information based on the amenities you want and the cost.  Another great way of knowing if the site will work for you is by reading the reviews from other campers and view each campsites GPS coordinates, which makes it easy to find when you get there.

With the app’s built-in map feature, it’s simple to plan your route before you even leave home, making your trip planning less stressful.

Etiquette Guidelines for Free Camping using iOverlander

It’s probably common sense for most campers / RVers in Canada to “Leave no trace” when camping in Canada. But, just in case some RVers aren’t aware I thought I should share some easy rules to follow when camping for free in Canada.

You’ve found the perfect campsite and want to enjoy it, so please maintain a clean environment, keep it in its natural state, and respect property boundaries. 

The basic rule we try to follow is to “Leave the campsite better than when you arrived”.

If you are looking for a FREE App when searching for free camping in Canada I don’t think you can go wrong with iOverlander.  What do you think? Let me know in the comments section below.

Happy camping!

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  1. Marcia Cherrett

    iOverlander is a great site for camping in Canada, much better than Campendium (which we use in the States). It was nice to be able to post locations we discovered on Vancouver Island, and to find sites on secondary BC roads.

    1. CarolAnn

      Thanks Marcia – appreciate the confirmation. Take care.

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