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Are you looking for RV-Jobs in Canada, seeking a change of pace, exploring new places and working from the comfort of your RV? Traditionally, RV-Jobs in Canada have been mainly campground jobs in Provincial and National Parks, KOA campgrounds and other campground locations. Most of these jobs are located through word of mouth, online sources and by connecting with fellow RVers.

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Exploring RV Job Opportunities in Canada

The purpose of this blog post is to help you find those traditional type of RV-Jobs in Canada. I know more and more people are looking for jobs online, being location independent but for now I want to help those looking for positions in campgrounds or related locations.  We’ll look at remote jobs or digital positions in another post. 

Benefits of working and living in an RV

Working and living in an RV comes with a host of benefits than can enhance your lifestyle and give you the freedom and flexibility you may be looking for as well as a way to either bring in an income or subsidize your income with a campsite.

Most campground type jobs provide a campsite with services in exchange for a certain number of hours of work.  Depending on the position there may be a wage as well.

You can choose to work in a private RV Park in a city or be out in the country in a Provincial Park – it will depend on what environment you prefer. Maybe this year it will be in a town and next year you might choose a more remote location. That’s one of the benefits of living in your RV and having the freedom to be flexible in your choices. 

When you’re working in a campground position with a paid site – you’re saving money!  

RV-Job requirements and qualifications

For certain jobs, such as campground management or hospitality roles, previous experience in the industry can be a big help. However, it’s important to note that not all RV jobs require formal qualifications. Many employers value practical skills, a positive attitude, and a willingness to learn.

How to find RV Job opportunities in Canada

Finding RV Job opportunities in Canada requires some research and networking. One of the best places to start is online job boards and website that cater specifically to RVers and remote workers. 

Networking is also crucial in the RV-Job market. Joining online communities, social media groups and forums dedicated to RVing can connect you with potential job opportunities. As most of us know RVers are a friendly bunch and we like to help our fellow RVers. These communities often share job leads, advice, and experiences, creating a supportive network of fellow RVers.

Additionally, reaching out to local businesses, national parks, and campgrounds directly can uncover hidden job opportunities. Many employers may not actively advertise their RV job openings, so sending out inquiries or resumes can showcase your interest and initiative.

Online Job Boards for seeking RV-Jobs in Canada


Campground Hosts, Campground Managers, Attendants, Campground Park Operators


Focuses on campground jobs in Alberta, Saskatchewan, Ontario, British Columbia, 


Canada Work Camping Jobs, Camp Hosts


Canada’s Conservation Job Board

KOA – Job Board

They offer seasonal, part time and full time positions in Canada and the U.S.

Conclusion - Finding RV-Jobs in Canada

Working and living in an RV can open up a world of opportunities. If you wish to subsidize your income or make it possible to go full timing sooner then finding any of the many RV-Jobs in Canada and being able to work and travel it’s possible.  

Do you know of sources where Canadians can find RV-Job opportunities?  Please email me at and I’ll post the source.  Thanks.

Search for potential RV Parks and employers by using the RV Trip Wizard app for android devices or the RV Trip Wizard app for iPhones.  Either work well and will help you find RV-Jobs. Here’s a post on apps that work for RVers very well.

RV Stories

Do you RV and work?  I would love to hear your story – please email me and I can post it on our RV Stories page.  Thanks.

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