The Best Reasons why You Need an RV Screen Room

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Having an RV screen room has advantages but as always, there are negatives as well. Before we get into the negatives, let’s discuss what the advantages are to having an RV screen room.

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The Benefits of RV Screen Rooms

  1. Bugs – I really don’t like bugs so if there’s anything that will help keep them away from us I’m all for it. Screen rooms definitely do the trick.
  2. Extra living space– let’s face it – our RVs are not usually all that big and having the RV screen room attached to the side of our RVs adds a lot of extra space. 
  3. Privacy– Sometimes we just want a little bit of privacy and the screen room can do the trick! 
  4. Protected from the direct sun and rain. I know we are all searching for the sun and good wether but sometimes it can be a bit too much. The RV Screen room’s side walls can be rolled up or snapped off and the screens are still kept in place so you can adjust where you need the protection from the sun or rain and add or remove side walls as needed.
  5. Outdoor kitchen– We try and cook outside as much as we can and with proper ventilation it’s nice to have the kitchen outdoors and keep the trailer from cooking odours.
  6. Keeps the RV extra clean– especially if there’s an RV mat placed on the ground of the screen room. You can leave your shoes safely outdoors and none of the sand or dirt enters the RV.
  7. Wind – It’s possible to set up the RV Screen Room so it can handle strong winds. I’ve spoken to many people who keep their RV Screen Rooms set up for months without any problems, no matter the weather. 

Of course there are a few disadvantages to RV Screen Rooms

  1. Humidity – You want some circulation because if you have all the sidewalls down it can become quite humid. 
  2. Cooking Outdoors – Once again make sure there’s circulation so the doors and humidity don’t get captured in the screen room.  
  3. Installation – You might need an installation kit to assemble so double check the fine print when purchasing yours.  to assemble
  4. Practice makes perfect – I have been told that once RVers get familiar with their screen room it doesn’t take long to set up but I would have to suggest that it’s not something you would set up unless you will be staying in a place longer than a day or so.  But’s that’s up to the individual.
  5. Easy Access – If your stove exhaust is on the side of the screen room or storage compartments as well make sure they will open once the room is assembled.
  6. They aren’t cheap – I would be lying if I said otherwise.  No they are not cheap but if you buy a quality RV Screen Room and take care of it you’ll have many years of enjoyment.  Here’s a link to one on Amazon that has lots of very good reviews. They have a variety of products to choose from depending on your RV. I do recommend that you shop around.

If you do choose to purchase from Amazon can you please use my link? I get a few pennies for recommending it and it doesn’t cost you any extra. It helps cover the costs of having this information blog. Thanks!


Are Screen Rooms for you?

It will depend on whether you need a bit of extra space, are set up for longer period of times or just want the added protection from the weather.  It’s an individual choice  – what’s yours?

RV Screen Rooms are Popular RV Accessories

Although they do cost a bit, what doesn’t these days? Picture yourself set up at the lake for the summer and having a comfortable spot that protected from the bugs and weather where you can sit and relax!  An RV Screen Room can make that possible. 

If you’re just needing protection from the sun an RV Awning shade Screen might be the answer. Easy to connect and dismantle. 

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