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This is a good example of a poor RV Log Book - mine!

The Ultimate Logbook for RVers who want to keep great records of where they’ve been!

Have you noticed that after a couple years the campgrounds and sites run together? This RV Log Book really helps you go back to see where you had fun and also might remind you where you didn’t enjoy yourself. The maintenance log in the back of the journey is so handy and a great reminder of what has or hasn’t been taken care of. The picture at the beginning of this post is my old travel journal – a hodge podge (mess) of everything that didn’t work.

This book is an amazing tool for your travel adventures!

This little book is perfect for recording all of the great (and sometimes not so great) notes about your camping spots as you wander about. This book is the perfect place to store info, but also easy to find those notes again, with an easy-to-use referencing system, organized by U.S. state or Canadian province (or fill in your own). This way, when you need to look back on your notes 2, 3, or even 20 years later, you’ll be able to quickly find them.

Table of Contents

Record Campground Information in your RV Log Book

Below is a list of just some of the information you can record in the travel journal:

  • Campground Name & Location
  • Campground Costs
  • Travel Information
  • Hookups available
  • Bathhouse conditions
  • Amenities
  • Road Conditions
  • Campsite conditions
  • Management/Staff Info
  • Booking/Cancellation Notes
  • Local Area Notes
  • Sightseeing Notes and A LOT more!
  • There’s even extra space to add your own notes for each site! It really doesn’t matter why type of RV you’re traveling in – it works for every kind!

Quotes from Happy RVers!

This log book is perfect. It has all the info you want to recall about campgrounds. Like general park notes and specific site notes. Also has a page dedicated to info about the surrounding area. We are new to rving and I am so happy I picked the right book for my first time!

The format of this book makes it so easy to collect consistent and relevant information about each camp site you visit. It makes a handy reference tool to recall very specific information about each campground.

Everything about this logbook is awesome. You can write down maintenance reports, so many details about your RV stay, etc.
Minus 1 star because I’d like to see under the amenities list a box for playground. We have 4 kids, and this is important for us to note. I have to write it in every time.
Also, maybe if a park is bike-friendly, would be nice.

To be fair we have to add a negative we found as well.

It’s ok. A lot of chapters are useless. Also, the author tries too hard to make everything funny.

How to Use the Ultimate Log Book for RVers

  1. Log Your Stays: Turn to the first log and start writing!
    • Use the prompted notes and checkoffs to record basic information and then also add your own notes as a refresher for your memory later.
    • There aren’t spaces for every possible scenario (there are so many!) So, use the extra space to write down anything you think you might want to know later. For instance, you may note more things like low/high water pressure, road noise, or management/staff names & notes.
    • Did you spend way too much on laundry here? Make a note of it!
    • Did you see a sasquatch walk casually through your campground on Friday night? Make a note of it! And share the picture! You did get one, right?
  2. The Referencing System: It’s so simple!
    • Begin with the Site Logs. Each Site Log has a number in the corner. When you log a campsite, take a second to record that site’s Log Number in the back of the book in its reference section.
    • Most reference sections are simply a state. However, some states are larger (and more popular) than others, so they broke them down into smaller regions for even quicker reference. For instance, they broke Texas down to 5 regions: North, West, Central, Gulf Coast & Panhandle.
    • Maintenance Logs: In the back of the book, there are pages dedicated for recording RV maintenance. Just record the date, service performed, mileage, and any other notes there so you have that information later.


They updated the America’s National Parks Checklist at the front and also added Canada Provinces & Territories in the index! Although you might think because this journal was published a few years ago it may not be relevant. Not so! If you check the reviews, buyers in 2023 are all giving it a thumbs up!

Recommended RV Log Book and Journal

From everything I have read and researched this RV Log Book is extremely popular and well received. Based on everything I’ve seen I can honestly recommend it – mine is being shipped as we speak. Let me know what your thoughts are.

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