What are popular RVs that solo RVers travel in?

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Really, solo RVers are no different than any other RVer – couples, groups, etc but they do often choose smaller, more maneuverable RVs that are easier to handle on their own.

When there’s a single person traveling in an RV they don’t always need as much living space, storage or as many amenities as two or three people might need.

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Are you new to RVing?  A suggestion might be to Rent an RV first to see what works for you.  You may think van life is an option only to find you need more space. Or on the other hand, you may think having a larger motorhome is required when you soon realize something smaller would work better.  

There are so many different types of RVs to choose from and it can become overwhelming.  Start with a list of things you “think” you need and then another list of “nice to have” items.  That will give you a start.  

Listed below are some of the more popular types of RVs that many solo RVers travel and/or live in. 

Class B Motorhomes (Camper Vans) are popular with Solo RVers

These are probably my favourite! Campervans are compact, easy to drive and usually have all the essential you need in a smaller space. You can park almost anywhere, easy to drive and for one person they probably have everything you need.

Teardrop Trailers for Solo RVers

Lightweight and streamlined, Teardrop Trailers are ideal for solo travelers who want simplicity and easy towing. The benefit of towing one of these little beauties is that you can disconnect and use your vehicle for getting to work, shopping, or touring.  Because of their lighter weight your vehicle doesn’t have to be a big one ton truck.  

Small Travel Trailers for Solo RVers

Models like the Scamp, Casita, or Airstream Basecamp are popular among solo RVers due to their manageable size and amenities.

Many years ago I lived in a 30′ travel trailer (no slides or extras) for close to three years and had absolutely no complaints. It allowed me to park in an RV Park  close to downtown Vancouver where I worked. I felt like I had the best of both worlds and didn’t have to pay the high cost of apartment rentals.

Are Class C Motorhomes Better?

Smaller Class C models offer a good balance between space and maneuverability. They give you more room than a camper van – usually have an eating area and separate sleeping areas giving the solo RVer more flexibility.  It comes down to personal preference.  How much room do you need?

Are Truck Campers the Answer for Solo RVing?

Designed to fit onto the bed of a pickup truck, offering a more nimble option for solo travelers. This is another vehicle where it’s basically one unit that goes everywhere together. However, you can drop the camper and use the truck separately.  I know people who love these but they have never been a favourite of mine. Just personal preference.

Solo-Friendly Features

Solo RVers often look for RVs with features like

    1. single-person beds,
    2. Compact kitchens, and
    3. Easy setups to accommodate their specific needs.

Conclusion: What is the Best RV for Solo Overs?

There is no right or wrong answer. The choice depends on personal preferences, travel style, and the level of comfort and amenities desired. Your budget will influence your decision as to what’s important.  Are you using the RV for vacation purposes? Or do you plan on living in the RV? You’re the only person who can answer these questions and choose the best one for you as a solo RVer.

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