What is the Most Popular RV to buy today?

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How can you know what the most popular RV is for full time living or even vacationing? When you ask that question of most RVers they’re going to either name their RV or the one they wish they had.  But, if you’re really wanting to know stick around – I’ll go over what you need to add to that question to get even more detailed information.

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If you’re on any social media accounts such as Facebook or Instagram you’ll see these questions asked over and over – What is the best van, or fifth wheel, or motorhome, or travel trailer?  That’s all they ask – they don’t give out any other information and they’re setting themselves up for failure.

How can anyone possibly give them an answer – or a valid answer?  

4 Questions that Need Answers

  1. What’s your budget, because this will impact what you’ll purchase?  
  2. What type of traveling will you be doing? Or will you be parking the RV permanently? 
  3. Will you be living full time in the RV?
  4. Are you prepared to do your research and spend the time necessary to make the choice – the best one for you?

12 Basics You Need to Satisfy when Purchasing Your Popular RV

  1. Is the title free and clear? Are the registration papers current? If the RV’s registered in another province, you’ll need to know what it takes to register it in your home province. How much will the transfer cost? Are you importing it into Canada from out of the country?

2.  It is insurable?  

Will there be a problem getting the RV insured because some insurers will not insure older RVs? Additionally,  if you’re planning on living in it full time – you may face obstacles getting insurance. 

What should your Inspection Focus on?

Searching for YOUR most popular RV can be daunting but with the help of professionals you can sign on the dotted line with more confidence.  There are two major things to consider – the running operation of the vehicle and the features that impact the condition of the RV. First let’s talk about the mechanical operation that drives the RV. 

Of course if you are looking for a motorhome this is different than if you are towing something behind a truck or other towable.  The following list are just a few of the items your mechanic or other professional will be checking.

It helps a great deal if the current owner has all of the manuals, electrical schematics and service records.

#RV Brakes
  • Engine – A compression test needs to be taken
  • Timing Belt – when was it replaced last?
  • Fluids – all the fluids need to be checked and how does the oil look? Radiator fluid – needs to be visibly checked and I’ve been told if it looks like coffee – RUN!
  • Transmission – does it shift into gear smoothly?
  • Tires – do the tires match and what is the tread measurement?
    • Is the wear even? The age of the tires make a difference because even if they have good tread and are more than five years old , the rubber may be showing signs of fatigue.
    • Is there a spare tire?
  • Vehicle Battery – how old is it and does it have a warranty?
  • Brakes – When was the last time the brakes were serviced?
    • You will want to know what the condition of the rotors are and does the vehicle stop smoothly?
  • Lighting – Do the headlamps, running lights, brake lights, turn signals and hazard signals work?
  • Suspension – what does the suspension look like and does the vehicle sit level?

Shopping for an RV in Canada?  Sometimes the best place to find a good deal is at an RV Show. Here’s the list of RV Shows in Canada. 

Inspecting your Most Popular RV

Now let’s look at the RV itself because there’s even more that needs to be going over to help you find your own personal Popular RV.

  • Body – let’s start here because you need to know if there’s any rust, dents, peeling pain or chipping. Does it appear to have been in an accident?
  • Tires – once again you need to know the age, tread and wear. Is there any sign of fatigue?
  • Locks – do the locks work? Is there a different set for the storage bins?
  • Roof – the roof needs to be inspected both inside and outside for any signs of damage, water damage or leaks.
  • Windows – do the windows operate the way they were designed and do they have screens? What condition are they in?
  • Kitchen and bath – this where you will want to check the appliances to ensure they work properly. Satisfy yourself as to their functions, and check the fans and see if there’s ventilation for the stove and cooking burners.
  • Air Conditioner / furnace – Do they work? How silent are they? If you hear clunking this could be an indication of a problem.
  • Electrical and Plumbing – Does everything work properly?
    • You need to see if there’s any evidence of fires, leaks or other signs of neglect or disrepair?
    • Are there any leaks or stains under the sinks or outside the RV?
    • Do things flow properly and how’s the water pressure.  
    • For electrical does other things dim or stop if something else gets turned on?
    • Electrical outlets / USB – do they all have power? 
  • Control Panels – Test everything to ensure everything works properly
Popular RV Interior

Conclusion: What is the Most Popular RV Today?

I truly wish I could answer your question as to what is the most popular RV today but I can’t.  As you can tell by reading the post above it will depend on so many factors and each of us have different budgets, needs and wishes.  What do you need or want the RV for? Is it for vacationing or full time living? What kind of budget do you have? 

You are the only person who can say what the most popular RV is for you.  Hopefully, I’ve given you enough material that you can be much better informed when on the hunt for an RV for you.  

Did you know the best idea for newcomers to RVing is for you to rent one and try it out.  Learn about what you may or may not need before spending all your hard earned money.  Click here for information on RV Rentals

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