What is the Reason RVs are popular in 2024?

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Do You Ever Ask Yourself "What is the Point of RVing in Canada"?

Recently, one of my readers sent me an email describing what he thinks are the Reasons RVs are Popular. It made me think of why many of us are either full time RVing or at least owners of RVs.

I think some of his reasons are valid. And since he’s someone who has spent a great deal of his lifetime RVing, camping, and traveling I have a tendency to agree with his perspective – somewhat. He’s definitely looking at it from the perspective of a full time RVer or retiree.

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RV Lifestyle

The Changing Trends in our Society Affect a Perfect Storm

According to my reader (let’s name him John), the first RV was the Pierce-Arrow Landau in 1910, which is surprising to me. That tells me that RVs have then been around for at least 114 years!

And, obviously during those 114 years things have changed a great deal. Currently we are facing:

    1. Housing shortages.  Not only are there huge housing shortages, but housing has also become so expensive that many people have been forced out of the market.  In conjunction with that rental housing prices have also increased in leaps and bounds.
    2. Job attrition: Gone are the days when people worked at one job for their lifetime, retiring on a pension they look could forward to. Quite often we move from job to job over the course of our working lives.
    3. Retirement challenges. It has become apparent that retiring at 65 is not always possible due to the high cost of living and those with pensions may not have enough in the pot to cover their expenses.
    4. Financial freedom. There are people to own their homes and do have retirement accounts who are in the position of retiring earlier than expected while living the RV lifestyle.
    5. Glamorizing the RV lifestyle. With social media being so popular there’s all kinds of information on the internet that makes the RV lifestyle look more glamorous than it is.
    6. Sustainability. As we move into 2024, I think most of us are looking at sustainability and how we can help make a difference.

Why do People use RVs?

From the above situations he stated that there are five reasons people in any of the above situations are choosing the RV lifestyle and that RVs are popular.

        1. Mobility
        2. Affordability
        3. Sustainability
        4. Simplicity
        5. Closer connection to Nature

I believe people use RVs because it allows them to live where they choose and if traveling, they can travel at their own pace. They can park wherever they choose and not be location dependent.

It’s about flexability for both the traveler who is doing this by choice and even those who live in RVs due to personal circumstances.  It gives them some control over their own situation.

What are the Two different groups of Full Time RVers?

Based on the above factors it has created two different groups of full time RVers. They are the ones who live in RVs full time by choice and those who live in RVs full time by necessity. Not having access to statistics, I can’t be positive but to both myself and John we believe both groups are growing in numbers.

Those RVers who live in their RV full time by choice probably travel more while those who live in their RVs by necessity are inclined to be stationery.

I realize there will be exceptions to each but for the most part he could be accurate. While it might seem that all of these factors serve to divide us into different groups – those who travel and those who don’t, there is one thing that unites them. 

RV Lifestyle

What unites us?

The RV! 

It’s a testament to the versatility of the RV and why RVs are popular, that they can serve both as vacation and travel housing as well as affordable housing, meeting both group’s needs.

In Conclusion: The Reason RVs are Popular

RVs are popular for many reasons more than what John has listed above but this does serve as a good sample of two very popular reasons people live in their RVs.

I don’t think we can forget about families who vacation every summer in their RVs, or snowbirds who spend their winters in warmer climate and return to their homes in the spring. The list of reasons for having an RV is endless.  What is yours? Comment below please letting me know your thoughts on this subject. 

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