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The reason this blog post is being written is because I encountered an issue this morning. I realize now that not all RVers know how to be considerate of other RVers when using RV Parks Laundry Rooms. 

Maybe no one ever explained to them some of the common courtesies we try to follow in the RV Parks laundry rooms.

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Using laundry facilities at RV parks can be convenient,  but there are a few things RVers should keep in mind:

A few simple rules to follow in RV Parks Laundry Rooms

  1. Operating Hours: RV park laundry rooms usually have designated operating hours. Make sure to check the posted schedule so you can plan your laundry accordingly.

  2. Availability: Laundry machines can be in high demand, especially during peak times like weekends or evenings. It’s a good idea to plan your laundry day during off-peak hours to avoid waiting for machines.

  3. Payment Methods: Most RV park laundry rooms operate on a coin-operated or card-operated system. Make sure you have enough coins or a compatible payment card to use the machines.

  4. Detergent: Some RV parks provide laundry detergent you can purchase, while others may not. It’s a good idea to bring your own detergent just in case.

  5. Supplies: In addition to detergent, don’t forget to bring dryer sheets (if allowed), fabric softener, and any other laundry supplies you need.

  6. Etiquette: Be considerate of others using the laundry room. Don’t leave your clothes unattended for long periods, and promptly remove them from machines once they’re done to allow others to use them.

  7. Cleanliness: Help keep the laundry room clean by cleaning up any spills and wiping down the machines after use. This includes removing lint from the dryer collection trays.

  8. Machine Functionality: If you encounter any issues with the machines (e.g., not working properly), notify the RV park staff so they can address the problem.

  9. Security: Keep an eye on your belongings while doing laundry to prevent theft or loss.

  10. Alternative Options: In case the RV park’s laundry room is busy or out of order, have a backup plan such as using a nearby laundromat.

By keeping these tips in mind, RVers can make the most of laundry facilities at RV parks during their travels.

Conclusion: RV Parks Laundry Rooms

I know this is probably being petty but when someone puts their clothes in the washing machine at night and doesn’t return until 11:00 the next morning it is frustrating. I really don’t want to be the one who removes someone else’s clothing from a washer when they’ve been abandoned. 

Not only that – someone else came into the laundry room the next morning, and used all four washers and then left for a couple of hours.  

Please, if you are doing laundry try not to use all of the machines in the RV Parks Laundry Room at once. Stay nearby so you can remove the clothes from the washer or dryer when they’re finished.  


Thank you. 

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  1. william kaliher

    good article and a shame some, what I’d term, low class people make this necessary.

    1. CarolAnn

      Thanks Bill – frustrating for sure but since I’ve calmed down today LOL – it’s not life and death. Lol

  2. Shirley

    For little money one can easily buy either an electric mini washer spin dryer, or a hand-cranked washer that will do an excellent job of washing and spin drying a 5lb load of laundry. So, why the need to waste time and money at a laundromat? I know I wouldn’t, especially in warmer months when it is easy to dry items outside on either a clothes line or a clothes -horse. Even in colder weather one can easily finish drying items by hanging them on an electric radiator, some come with special rails for doing that. Granted, I am just one person, not an entire family with a lot of cothes to wash, and I don’t live in my RV, it is just for weekends and longer away from home.

    1. CarolAnn

      I understand where you’re coming from but we live in our RV full time and most campgrounds or RV Parks don’t allow clotheslines. I do dry a couple of things by hanging them in the bathroom but that just creates condensation which is a really bad thing for RVs. We just do our best but yes it does get expensive. I feel it’s just a cost that I have to budget for. Thanks for your comments.

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