Why do you want to become a full-time RVer?

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We all have own own personal story and our reasons for wanting to live full time in an RV as a full-time RVer.  It may be due to a planned retirement lifestyle, or just wanting the ability to travel more, maybe live more economically or just having the freedom to make your own choices. 

Let’s break it down into more details below.

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Retire to full-time RV Living

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Many Canadians have a plan for retirement. It includes downsizing from their traditional home and moving into an RV full-time. They want the freedom to travel and move to a different location whenever the mood strikes. They can visit family or friends all across the country on their own timeline.

Typically they pay for their RV and travel costs with their pension and savings. There’s many Canadian retirees choosing the RV Lifestyle as a retirement plan.

Questions they ask are related to:

  • How much will full-time RVing cost?
  • How to receive mail as a full timer,
  • What are our medical coverage options?
  • Where can we park the RV?
  • How long can we be out of our province?
  • and the list goes on. 

If you’re getting close to retirement becoming a full-time RVer may be an option for you. Having your home with you at all times sounds good, doesn’t it?

Part-time RV Living - Partial Retirement

This represents retirees who may choose to retire early and subsidize their pensions with campground type jobs to supplement their pensions. They do this seasonally in Canada and maybe travel south as Snowbirds during the cold winter months. Up until the past couple of years this was quite typical for Canadians to retire earlier than expected and take on seasonal type RV-jobs to supplement their income. Now, with technology and a different mindset they have even more options for finding employment – either onsite or online.

Full-time RV Living - Stationery

This group comes in all ages and backgrounds. Typically, these RVers live in their RV permanently, set up in an RV Park, campground or  sometimes on their own property. They like the lifestyle but for many reasons choose not to travel at this time. It may be something they plan for later on, down the road.

Full-time RVer - Following your employment

These typically are people who live in their RV for employment reasons. Often they may be travel nurses, construction workers, seasonal workers, and hundreds of other possibilities for any other work that forces them to move around.

By living in an RV they have the opportunity to follow their work, rather than staying in a camp or motel and be away from their families for extended periods of time. They can take their families with them in their RV.

Full-time RV Living - Nomads - Location Independent

#Digital Nomads

Many full time RVers are those who just don’t want a permanent residence. They want to travel and experience new adventures. They may work or not – depending on their personal circumstances.  I think the term nomads falls under this category. 

During the past few years and specifically since COVID hit, many people are choosing to become full time RVers and work remotely. The term ‘location independent’, or digital nomads, has developed to represent those who work at a variety of types of jobs and aren’t dependent on having to go into a job site. Many work online from their RVs wherever they happen to be parked – as long as they have access to the internet.

In conclusion - Is full-time RVing for you?

 If you want to become a full time RVer you can make the lifestyle work for you and meet your needs.  If you need to create an income and live as a full time RVers you can – there are options! 

You will probably notice I have not included those who consider themselves van-lifers, or anything similar because I am not including the type of RV people are traveling or living in. 

What makes me feel good is anyone can do this if they choose and not have to wait until retirement age. The door is open – you just have to step through if that’s your dream. It’s up to you as to how you will make it happen.

Are you a full-time RVer?  I would love to learn about your story – please contact me at carolann@rvingincanada.com 

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